Eva’s quilt

Do any of you quilty-types ever have a huge quilting disaster that you don’t think you’ll ever fully recover from? This happened to me making my last quilt, a gift for my niece, Eva. As usual, I left it until the last minute to make the quilt, so when I saw the disaster in progress I could do nothing but keep going and hope I didn’t make it worse. I Googled this type of disaster and while I was happy to see I was not the only one to make such mistakes, I wasn’t so happy to see that the only way to fix it was to undo all that I had done – which was not an option in my case.

Behold my disaster, or, as one blogger titled her disaster, “Pucking Hell!!”:
Yes, this is a close up of just one small part of the puckering I came across after I had quilted almost a quarter of this quilt. It was completely avoidable and completely my fault (as opposed to blaming my machine). I simply used a poor quality fabric (I couldn’t tell it wasn’t a good choice until four metres of it arrived in my house), pin-basted in a hurry, and didn’t check that the layers were holding together as they should until I had been sewing for around an hour. Lesson learned. I will not cut corners. And I will buy basting spray, if I can find it somewhere in China…

The rest of the quilt looks a bit better:

I screwed up a bit again in that this quilt is for a five-year-old who sleeps in a very small single bed. I think this ended up being queen-size. I really should stick to the correct measurements and stop thinking that just one more border will look great…! But apparently Eva loves it, puckers, gargantuan-ness and all. And that is what is important.


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