Emilie’s quilt

A friend had her second baby recently so I used that as an excuse to go through my stash and make a quilt for her. I managed to make the quilt top too big for the backing fabric I had, so made the top smaller so it would fit. It ended up being a bit too small, but that just meant I could finish it quicker…! But then my sewing machine seized up. Well, the needle plate became unusable (long story) so after a new one arrived from America I could finish the quilt.
This was actually fun to quilt, and the new needle plate made sewing a dream. I don’t know how long I have had a problem with the needle plate, but it feels like I have a completely new sewing machine.
There were no puckering problems like I had with the last quilt I made, partly because it was a smaller quilt, and partly because I learned my lesson (I hope).
IMG_0437The back of the quilt is super soft flannel, the type of fabric I love to use on baby quilts.
And the front of the quilt was from a pile of fat quarters I had tucked away. I have enough fat quarters left for an identical quilt, for the next baby to come along.
IMG_0435Now I just need a picture with gorgeous little Emilie lying on this quilt before she outgrows it.


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