Elsie’s quilt

Elsie's quilt 5
It’s been ages, I mean years, since I posted any pictures of quilts I have done. I’ve done several in the past year or two, but just haven’t photographed them or mentioned them here. Until now.
Elsie's quilt 2
This is Elsie’s quilt. Elsie is the newest cousin of Arlo and Galen, arriving just ten days (I think) before Galen did. We didn’t know if she’s be a girl or a boy before she arrived, but I knew that the theme in teh nursery was circus, with bright colours. I couldn’t find any circus fabric here, but did manage the bright colours, which I’m told match perfectly.
Elsie's quilt 4Elsie's quilt 7 Not the best picture in the world – unless you want to see a whole lot of floor…
Elsie's quilt 6
Elsie's quilt 1All bagged up with a matching gift card on top.
Elsie's quilt 3


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