Three Christmas trees in three different locations. That is what happens when we travel during the holiday. First Christmas tree - Malaysia
We dragged out our four-year-old Chinese tree with all the usual decorations (several have since been binned because of mould!).
Christmas tree at Grandma's
We decorated Grandma’s tree, complete with decades old decorations. And tinsel. Ugh…
Three number three - Berarra
And then there was the temporary, afterthought, holiday tree. Beautiful in it’s tackiness.
Christmas morning
And dwarfed by presents.
Postman handing out lollies!
Christmas in Australia!!
Only in Australia would a postman dress like this and hand out lollies to mesmerised kids…
Customary Derry gingerbread house.
Mr Whippy visited
Mr Whippy made the rounds.
Slip n slide
Slip n slide. This looks like she’s flying along like a pro. I think she was actually motionless – kid needs more practice with this.
Roos at our home
Regular visitors – morning and night – to houses in the street. The advantages of living next to a national park.
Galen chats to Uncle Paul
Chatting to Uncle Paul on Christmas morning.
Present time
Joy on Christmas morning.
Someone loves cherries.
Cousins with hair tied up
All tied up

I can’t wait for our next holiday…!!


Berarra Beach, NSW

Hanging out at the beach in Australia for a week was SO. MUCH. FUN. Wish we could do it all the time. Let the pictures tell you why. This is just at Berarra (more beaches to come!!)
Berarra Beach, NSW
Nannie with her grandkids
The big girls explore
Playing at Berarra Beach
Cousins in a boat
On the rocks
Riding the wave at Berarra
Father and son
"This is bullshit!"
Mother and son
Running - before a fall