About me

Yes, this is the page where I spend three hours writing about myself so that the only people who read this are those that are stalking me. Ha! Who am I kidding? Oh, to have a stalker…. Clearly I don’t, as I’m sure to have one would pretty much suck.

If you can’t already tell, I ramble a lot. A very lot. So bear with me. I may have something insightful to say. Sometime.

About me – there’s not that much to tell. I’m 30ish (can I keep saying that until I’m in my 50s?) and live in north Queensland, Australia. In a town called Townsville. Someone once presumed I made up that name to be really anonymous, but that’s not true. We’re just an uninventive bunch here in Queensland and think of either boring or unpronouncable names for our towns. I started out in Victoria (down south) and grew up in Canberra (not as far south). I got outta town as soon as I could (I finished high school) and spent seven years travelling the world, being a bum. I did work when I needed money. Sometimes the work was legal (don’t start thinking that – I kept my dignity the entire time). So I have seen a lot of the world – but there is so much more I am yet to see.

After that long away from home (and giving up the endless search for employment that both pays decently and has me waking up in the morning looking forward to a day that doesn’t totally suck), I decided to come back and live on a tropical island while scuba diving all day and studying marine biology on the odd occasion that I could be bothered to make it onto the boat to university. I kid you not, that was my life for the first two years I was back in Australia. Needless to say, I didn’t go to uni that much. Instead I became a diving instructor and stayed on the island.

But I still needed a “proper job” so studied up and earned my degree with honours (I have to add that in – it makes the extra year at university seem like slightly less of a waste of time) a couple of years ago and fell into a job straight out of school. I am now an environmental scientist (I work with water – liquid gold up here) and I’m still living in Townsville after six years, which is twice as long as I expected – or wanted – to be here. But life here isn’t too hideous.

UPDATE: That was all written a few years ago (2006 perhaps?) Last year (2009) I met the most fabulous person in the world. This year we got married. It’s hard to imagine how he can be more fabulous now than when we met, but he is. Every day I feel lucky and blessed and no, you can’t have him. Very soon we’ll be having a baby and moving on to bigger and better adventures. But I’ll keep writing about all of it – either here or elsewhere. I’ll let you know where.