Chinese New Year is here again

You would think that Malaysia wouldn’t do Chinese New Year celebrations as extravagantly as China does them. Well, I thought that. I was wrong. Red lanterns have been hanging from every other home all month; shopping malls are decked out in all things red and sparkly; and there’s fireworks. Ohhh, the fireworks. I’m not sure that it’s worse than in China, but they’re closer to us. And louder. And since we’re surrounded by trees, we get to hear them but not enjoy the view of them. Arlo comes home singing songs about Chinese New Year. Songs in English and Chinese. And she’s learning all about Chinese New Year at school. Again. Because, at Chinese New Year, you must be taught about everything you were taught the previous Chinese New Year. But she’s loving it, so I won’t complain too much.

This is what we’ve seen lately.
CNY at The Curve 1
CNY at The Curve 2
Last night was the annual Sierramas (where we live) Chinese New Year street party. This place REALLY knows how to do street parties.
Excited about the party...
REALLY excited!!
Street party
Lion dancers
Freaky man
I didn’t get too many pictures because, despite Geoff and I thinking the lion dancers and drums and food and noise and lights and everything else was fabulous, Arlo and Galen were completely freaked out by it all and couldn’t wait to leave. So we ate our fill of delicious Malaysian and Chinese foods, then walked home. Good thing the street party was just one street away from us.

We knew there would be fireworks, so we went up to our roof to see them. Apart from having a pesky tree in the way, we had a great view of the first set of fireworks at 9.45.
Fireworks 1
Fireworks 2
Fireworks 3
The second set of fireworks was bigger, louder,longer and much later than the first set, so Galen and I sat in the bedroom and watched occasional flashes of light through the trees. For the first time this Chinese New Year, I actually enjoyed the fireworks, because I knew where they were, why they were being let off, and when it would end. Perhaps next year the kids will feel the same.

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