Jervis Bay beaches

Continuing on from the previous post… the reason why l love Aussie beaches and, in particular, Jervis Bay…

Hyams Beach
Checking out the white sand
Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay
Ice block at Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay
Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay
Family at Hyams Beach
In the surf
In the waves at Hyams Beach
Hyams Beach, NSW
Greenpatch, Boodoree National Park
Greenpatch, Jervis Bay
Nannie and Galen at Greenpatch
Jervis Bay
Enjoying the water at Jervis Bay
Siblings on a log. Greenpatch.
In Uncle Paul's jumper
Murrays Beach
Running on the beach
Dancing on the beach
Murrays Beach, Boodoree National Park
Boy on a log
Perched - Murrays Beach, Boodoree Nat. Park


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