KL Bird Park

The Hari Raya holiday comes at the end of Ramadan. Everyone told us not to go anywhere on those days as traffic would be bad, accommodation anywhere would be booked out and the crowds would be manic. I pictured something akin to a public holiday in China, so we decided, as was recommended, to enjoy KL while it was a ghost town.

We spent hours at KL Bird Park, the world’s largest walk-in free-flight aviary, with over 3000 birds. The day got off to a dramatic start when our newly walking boy face-planted on the brick footpath and his mouth quickly filled up with blood. Not knowing where the blood had come from, I immediately worried that it was his already chipped tooth (from a fall about two months earlier) about to fall out completely. He calmed down pretty quickly (after an iceblock treat to reduce the swelling) so we stayed and wandered around the 8.5ha of green in the city.
You can probably see Galen’s lip fatten out over the course of the day. And by the next day it was even bigger. So much for the iceblock remedy.
The bird park is usually pretty expensive, but we managed to get a resident’s discount. We lunched at the Hornbill Cafe, which was pretty good, though service was crazy slow (but they were really busy). Even if we’d paid full price, the day would have been worth it, and we’ll definitely be going back again one day – after we visit the butterfly park, the deer park, the farm in the city, the elephant sanctuary, the turtle sanctuary – there’s so much on our list of things to do…!


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