Dance concert 2013

SO MUCH has happened in the past couple of months.

We had three groups of visitors arrive, one after the other. That was fantastic, though exhausting.

We did a few touristy things around town, this being our last year in China, we need to see all we can while we’re still here.

The weather got COLD. It’s winter coat time, though I know it’s just going to get colder. There are still leaves on the trees, but they are changing colour (not as beautifully as they do in other parts of the world – here they just seem to go from green to dead with nothing stunning in between).

Some random and completely unrelated child facts:

Galen is moving – commando style, though last night he made his first proper attempts at crawling. He loves munching on stroller wheels and has fallen out of our bed twice, knocked his face on the corner of a wooden toy and has had a constant cold/cough for months.

Arlo fell two metres off a playground, right onto her face and belly. She didn’t really cry until I told her that she couldn’t go on the slide anymore because it was time to go home. She also got the handle of her toy umbrella stuck in her mouth and cut her lip trying to yank it out. But on the positive side, she’s still loving school and when she comes home now she sits at her little table and “writes” stories in home-made books. Last night her story was about a rhinoceros who poos in dirt or grass, then wipes it’s bottom with clean leaves, then washes it’s hands in water and dries them on leaves. Clever rhino….

Yesterday she had a dance concert at school…
Dance concert 1
Dance concert 2
Dance concert 3
Dance concert 4
Dance concert 5
Dance concert 6
Life is good.


2 thoughts on “Dance concert 2013

  1. Not good about all the injuries!!! Great snaps of the dance concert. I love the second last one – clearly that boy is bring told he us doing the wrong move!

  2. Great photos of the concert. Argo looks like she really enjoyed it too. Love the story about the rhino – nearly made Grandpa choke on his cereal..

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