Australia so far…

We’ve been in Australia for two weeks today. It’s been two years since we were here last and in some sense it feels like we’ve never left. And yet, I see so much that I didn’t realise I had missed. Rainbow Lorikeets flying in to say hello in the evening. Thousands of stars at night (when there is a break in the rain clouds). Cars stopping to let you cross the street – even if you’re not at a pedestrian crossing. Driving. And then there are the things I was so anxious to see and experience all over again – blue skies, clean air, understanding what people are saying (and being understood), soy flat whites done properly. Fish and chips, also done properly.

These past two weeks we’ve driven down to Canberra for the flyingest of flying visits – just two nights at my parents house to give them a chance to meet Galen before we came back to Sydney and they headed away on a short holiday. We’ve been to cousin Elsie’s christening, celebrated Arlo’s birthday several times, done a few touristy things, but mostly just hung out letting the cousins play together while we all try to keep dry. Apparently this is the wettest month Sydney has had in the past six years. It hasn’t been as cold as we expected, though I am looking forward to a bit of warmth in Townsville in a few days time.

A few pictures (more are over on Flickr)
Manly beach
Chasing the seagulls on Manly Beach
Grandparents & grandkids 3
Grandparents and grandkids in Canberra
Smiling boys
Watching the kangaroos
Kangaroos in Canberra
At Museum of Contemporary Art
Play day at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney
Ahhh, soy flat white
Soy flat white!!


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