A month!

It’s already been over a month since our family was made complete. They say that time flies with your last child (they being one friend of mine) and it’s true. The newborn baby cry is fast disappearing, as is the newborn scrawniness. In fact, after five weeks Galen has gained two kilos! He’s still small enough to snuggle into my chest, but I don’t think that will last long. He’s in the 90th percentile for weight, 60th for height and 40th for head circumference. But he doesn’t really look like a pinhead! It kind of bugs me a little that I remembered those stats, as I really don’t care about them – as long as he’s healthy, eating, pooing, sleeping – and he’s doing all of that!

Here, just a few pictures from the past five weeks.
Sleeping again
First bath
StaringLooking at his big sister


8 thoughts on “A month!

    • Two sleeping children are almost as much fun as two loving children. The two screaming children – that I’m still getting used to. But I wouldn’t change a thing!!

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