Snow Day!

About a week ago I received a text message out of the blue saying that school would probably be closed the following day because of snow. Closed? The weather had been fabulous. But I wasn’t about to complain – who says no to a snow day??!!
Snow morning - 19 Feb
4am: I realised that nobody would be going to school. They don’t do snowplows in this part of China, and nobody knows how to drive in the snow anyway, so we knew school would be closed.

At about 6am we were told that the bus company felt conditions were too bad to drive on the roads. Sadly, our washing machine repairman felt the same so, after waiting over a week for our washing machine to be fixed, we would have to wait a while longer. But that’s another story (in which I thank a friend for using her machine for two weeks, and thank the repairman for FINALLY fixing our machine and now ayi has a helluva lot of ironing to do … The End).
First snowfalls
Snow day! - 19 Feb
What a difference a couple of years makes!!!! Though Galen is now huge, he does not fit that 6-9mth snowsuit!
Snow day! - 19 Feb
It kind of looks like they’re all smiling…


One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. I personally wonder exactly why you branded this blog, “Snow Day!
    | The Purple Giraffes”. No matter what I really appreciated

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