Jiangsu-Taiwan Lantern Festival

Since Geoff’s mum is here for a few weeks and has been here twice before, we decided to show her some things that she (and we) hadn’t seen before. The Jiangsu-Taiwan Lantern Festival is on for one month at Moon Harbour, and we decided to visit before the snow came (it’s snowing here right now).
Lantern festival 1
Lantern festival 2Lantern festival 3
Lantern festival 4
Lantern festival 5
Lantern festival 6
The lanterns were huge, and reminded us all a bit of our visit to Harbin two years ago. Perhaps not as cold, though…
Of course, when you go somewhere with Nannie, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up with a knick knack of some kind (especially when you’re in China – the land of cheap plastic toys).


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