Galen Jack

Though we never really announced we were having a baby…
Two days before Galen's arrival
We had a baby!!!

Galen Jack arrived on Thursday morning, 17 January 2013.
Galen Jack - a few hours old
Arlo is a fantastic big sister. She’s gone through a few ups and downs, mainly because a new baby can be a bit confusing for a two year old. But she’s always gentle with Galen and loves to help out.
Meeting Galen
Galen gave Arlo a great gift – a cot for her own baby. Arlo has been mothering her own baby boy a lot and even breastfed him alongside me.
Arlo and her baby
We’re home now, and enjoying getting to know how a family of four works. We’re looking forward to getting out and about in a few days and actually showing Galen off to the world, but for now, it’s baby time at home.
Galen Jack


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