Christmas Day 2012 – in pictures

We began on Christmas Eve by decorating our gingerbread house (kit from IKEA), something that has become a tradition with us
We also made some pomanders (a little late – the scent is still a little faint but should build up over the next couple of weeks)
Christmas morning, with the best proof that Santa had visited – a sack full of goodies.
The gifts
There was other evidence that we’d had an intruder.
Santa's leftovers
Apparently this is “magic snow from the North Pole”, since there was no snow outside. This snow looks and tastes a lot like icing sugar. And it seems Santa has two (or three) left feet!!
Santa's footprints
Arlo was still a little unsure of what was really going on, even though she’d talked about it for weeks beforehand.
UnsureBut she brightened up as soon as she saw chocolate in the sack of goodies!
Chocolate smilesAfter examining (and approving of) the loot left by Santa, we had breakfast.
Then a self-timer picture of the family (looking a bit sleep-deprived, even though we all slept fairly late) before the opening of the gifts under the tree.
Family portrait
With Violet #2Winter accessories!Smiley
The best present, which we were hoping would be the case, was the new baby (doll) – preparation for big changes that will happen in a month.
Cuddlesthe new baby
After all the gifts were opened, after we had Skyped with family all over the world (actually, they were all in Australia), after we had played with the new gifts a bit, we had a delicious Christmas lunch/dinner, and we will still be eating it days later.
Christmas lunch
Despite the fact that we didn’t have any extended family with us, and despite the fact that it was freezing cold without the benefit of any snow, it was the perfect Christmas Day.

We hope yours was as good as ours!!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2012 – in pictures

    • Bought Arlo’s hat and scarf on Taobao. Heartbreakingly, the hat has wandered. But they only cost $4 so I’m trying to get a replacement – but everything is shut for Chinese New Year!

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