Visiting Santa

Our experiences with Santa in China are mixed at best. Our first year here we found Santa at Superbrand Mall in Shanghai, and got our picture taken with him. We looked for him at the same place the next year but he was nowhere to be seen (we may have been the only people to visit). We finally found him in Suzhou this year. He was sitting in a chair and handing out bags of lollies, just like a real mall Santa. But there was something not quite genuine about visiting an Asian Santa… or so Arlo thought. She waved hello from a distance. Then got me to get the lollies for her. Then asked me to tell him what she wants from him for Christmas (books!). Then we tried a strategic sit-on-the-arm-of-the-chair manoeuvre before settling for inching closer and closer to Santa’s chair. Santa thought it was hilarious. Arlo, not so much. Maybe next year will be better. Maybe next year we’ll see a more authentic Santa…
Saying hi
Got the loot anywayHe's not the real Santa!
Chinese Santa


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