Tongli (for the third time)

The day after Richard and Frances returned from Yangshuo we dragged them to Tongli, a canal village about 40 kilometres outside of Suzhou.

It was another busy day in Tongli (as it always is when we visit there), but not as crowded as it has been in the past. Geoff and I have been to Tongli three times now and each time we see things we hadn’t seen before. That said, with the next guests (arriving in about eight weeks) we think we’ll try some other water villages that we haven’t been to yet.
Making candy
This guy is making some kind of candy – not pulling noodles as we always thought whenever we saw him in the past. We later saw him smoking in his shop, not two metres away from the food – ah, China!
One of the gardens in Tongli. (Taken by Frances)
Love this shot. Almost looks posed, but it’s not. (Taken by Richard)
Happy couple Love these pics of my folks. I can never get pictures of them this relaxed at home, even though they were probably exhausted here after such a busy week in Yangshuo.
Leaves. (Taken by Richard)
Taking pictures of cormorants during lunch.
Smiling while we wait for lunch to arrive.
selling food
Food vendors. (Taken by Richard)
Tongli canal
One of the many canals that run through the town.
cormorant fishing
A man and his cormorants. This picture was taken while the birds were catching fish for him. They’d dive down, catch a fish, the fisherman would haul the bird back onto the boat using a bamboo pole. He’d then get the fish out of the bird’s mouth (they have a string tied around their throat so they can’t swallow the fish) and throw the fish into a bucket on the boat and the bird back into the water, or onto a pole to rest. I heard somewhere (some documentary a long time ago) that the birds can count and they won’t go back in the water if they don’t get to eat every seventh fish.
washing chicken
Everything is done in the canals, from washing clothes and dishes – to washing dinner…!!
Old man Old man. (Taken by Richard)
food seller
Selling stinky tofu (among other things).
Tailor at work.
Girls dolled up for a photo shoot.
Old lady An old lady selling shoes in an alleyway.


One thought on “Tongli (for the third time)

  1. The more I look at the photos, the more I want to go back and experience it all again. I wonder if our coats were made by a tailor in such surroundings?

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