Richard and Frances visit Yangshuo

One of the things that Richard and Frances insisted upon doing while in China was to visit Yangshuo, near Guilin in Guangxi Province in southern China. It’s the land of the karst mountains that rise up out of the flat floodplains of the Li River. We had been there about a year ago and blogged about it here, here, here, here and here. I have no doubt that mum will blog about it at some stage on her own blog – she’s already started blogging about their China stay here, here and here (and just keep reading her blog to see more). So why am I writing about their trip to Yangshuo when they can write about it themselves? Two reasons. The types of pictures we tend to post on our blogs are very different, so we probably won’t post many of the same pictures, even though I’m taking the liberty of using Mum and Dad’s photos here (hey, I wasn’t there). And I want to take the opportunity to give Gary and Sophia’s business another plug because they treated Mum and Dad so fabulously and they just had the best time ever (if Arlo wasn’t here when they came back I think the rest of their China stay after Yangshuo would have been pretty boring for them). Gary and Sophia operate WinWin Travels and will tailor a trip to your specifications. We thought Mum and Dad would have a relaxing time in the countryside like we did a year ago but they were with Sophia every day, seeing something new and experiencing things they never would have anywhere else.

Perhaps Mum can caption these photos – I’m just posting them because they’re just a selection of the thousands of photos they took that I love!
View from Yangshuo Mountain RetreatView of the Yulong River from their hotel room (Yangshuo Mountain Retreat)Cormorant fishing at nightCormorant fishing at nightYangshuo countrysideBuffalo on the banks of the Li RiverWater buffaloBuffalo on the banks of the Li River (again)Yarn at marketYarn in a small market in a village on the Li RiverFood at marketFresh food in the market.Blowtorching a leg!A new form of cooking. I decided not to post the picture Dad took of the (dead) dog being prepared for butchering – it made even me feel a bit queasy.Chicken alleyFowl.Light showLight showLight showThe light and water show they run twice each night – it has a cast of thousands (I think) and 10 000 people go to watch each performance.Cumquat treeCumquat treesCumquat pickingLaughter while picking cumquatsYangshuo countrysideRice paddies below and cumquats in the hillsTea pickingTea plantationTea pickersTea picking 2Tea picking 3Tea leavesIn the tea plantation – picking tea leavesKarst mountains and Li RiverA view of the Li River and the karst mountains.Dumpling makingMaking dumplings with Gary and Sophia’s family.Gary and Sophia and family 2Smiles at Gary and Sophia’s home.Reading to the girlsReading to Gary and Sophia’s girlsGarage/RestaurantThe garage/restaurant where Mum and Dad had a memorable meal.Bony chicken lunchThe dish bony chicken (head, feet and all).

Now go over to Mum’s blog to see what she has to say about it all…

And … DAD’S NOW GOT A BLOG AS WELL! Check his thoughts on China here!


One thought on “Richard and Frances visit Yangshuo

  1. Great selection of photos, Tanya. Actually, Fuli Markets are certainly more large than small and we only saw a fraction of them. I look at all that coloured yarn and wonder if it would have been good to knit with, not that I had room to bring any back with me. I (and your father) will eventually get to posting many of these photos, and others, on our blogs and then we’ll go into more detail.

    Gary and Sophia certainly were the best tour guides you could ask for, and the program they devised – working one-on-one – was so much better than touring as part of a group.

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