Xian – The Old Town and City Wall

Xian is a rare Chinese city in that the entire ancient city wall is still intact (or restored) and you can walk the entire length of it. It takes several hours to do that so we didn’t, though we spent a long time up on that wall (much of it looking for a damn way out!!). We also took in the Drum Tower, the Bell Tower, which we timed to coincide with one of their 15 minute musical/dancing performances, and other back streets of the Old Town.
Dancer - bell tower
Asking for photos (rare!!)
The wall
StepsOn the wall Man
calligraphy brushes
BowlsHmmmmGotta appreciate minimally invasive…!!


2 thoughts on “Xian – The Old Town and City Wall

  1. Oh, those steps – several times! It would have been good to walk the entire length of the wall just to see what else there was to see, but I’m glad we didn’t that day. I’d love to go past those stalls again, maybe buying more things, that I really don’t need, but just for the fun of buying them. Perhaps it’s just as well that airlines have weight limits on luggage. Thanks again for such a great time.

  2. Lovely to see you all having so much fun together in such amazing surroundings. In the top photo Arlo looks as though she’s patiently suffering the idiosyncracies of Nana and Papa 🙂
    She’s such a little beauty.
    There’s artistry in your photos of the stalls….truly beautiful.

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