Shanghai – yet again!

Geoff had a week off for spring break recently so we took our guests to Shanghai and Xian for a few days. Geoff had just come back from a conference in Bangkok (tough life!!) and had about six hours at home before we had to leave again for Shanghai.

We spent three nights in Shanghai, taking in the sights and spending lots of money (though Frances still insists she’s “not a shopper”). Our first stop (after the hotel) was M on the Bund for a belated birthday lunch for Richard and Tanya (we both celebrated our birthdays on 7 March).
Brunch at M on The Bund
The Bund from M
We then took a two hour cruise along the Huangpu River – something Geoff and I had been meaning to do for ages and finally got to do.
This wasn’t the boat we cruised on!!
Chinese flag
Cruising the Huangpu The Bund
Afterwards, we strolled along The Bund on the way back to our hotel.
The Bund by night
The next day we took in People’s Park and Taikang Lu. There aren’t any pictures of Taikang Lu. Walking through those alleyways on a public holiday (it was Tomb Sweeping Day) is just madness. Never again. We got in, ate lunch at Bali Bali (ginger mojitos – mmmmmm!) then got out!
In People's Park
Resting in People's Park
We finished the day off with a trip to the bar at the Park Hyatt in the Bottle Opener (the World Financial Tower – the tallest building in Shanghai). There was much laughter amidst the 18 year old scotch that was drunk.
More in Xian later…


3 thoughts on “Shanghai – yet again!

  1. Wow – how European does your 2nd photo look? Awesome. The skyline looks magnificent; must get myself there one day.

  2. I wonder if your father would put a comment on here about his trip to the toilets in the WF Tower, about which he still waxes lyrical. Perhaps it would be better not to ask him!

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