Grandma and Grandpa’s visit (so far)

The first few days that Grandma and Grandpa have been in China, we’ve visited Jin Ji Hu (the local lake), The Humble Administrator’s Garden, Pingjiang Lu (a tourist street in the old town), the wet market, the nearby foreign supermarket, and the park behind our compound. We’ve had lots of story time and lots of laughs. And so much fantastic weather that we’ve spent most of our days outdoors – we’ve got to make the most of this weather before it turns too hot to move.

(Pictures taken by Tanya and Grandpa)

The fans
With Grandma and Grandpa Blossoms
The Humble Administrator's Garden
Pingjiang Lu
In the wet market
Summit supermarket
In the grass


4 thoughts on “Grandma and Grandpa’s visit (so far)

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