Move over Picasso

This is the first time Arlo has explained one of her drawings to me. Arlo is somewhere on the left, Mama is on the right. There’s cuddles involved – which Arlo demonstrated by throwing herself at me for cuddles several times. There’s also drinking involved just to the right of the purple – demonstrated by the sign for drink and lots of slurping. There’s also a car in there somewhere – “Car! Car! Car! Brrrrmmmmmmm.” Yes, child, I understand what a car is…!

Interpret how you will!


4 thoughts on “Move over Picasso

  1. Arlo is definitely in the purple, obviously one of her chosen colours. The drink is undoubtedly a coffee from her dad’s machine – starting her young? The car looks very much like a bicycle, maybe a Penny Farthing. I think perhaps Mama may be in heap in the bottom of the picture. I hope you’re not too badly hurt – perhaps some more cuddles are in order.

  2. I see Arlo as the little stick insect in the middle. If that is her it’s an amazing drawing. Your big adult head seems to be bending over her. Definitely move over Picasso. Cherie

  3. Lovely!!! She is better than some 5 year olds I have.
    I am teaching them how to draw – which i am loving!!! and more so the stories that they tell me – they are gold!

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