Rome, part 2

Other sites in Rome that we visited included St Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon and Piazza Navone. We also stumbled across a Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition, which made me very happy. We ate lots of pasta, a fair bit of pizza, had lots of coffee, but only had gelati once (it was winter after all…).

St Peters Basilica
Pillars of St Peter's basilica
A Swiss guard at The Vatican
Michelangelo's Pieta
The big and the little
Statue inside St Peter's
The dome
Impressions of St Peters - hmmmmm
Tiber River
Roman gladiator-type man - on the phone
Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition
Looking towards the Spanish Steps
A street in Rome

We had such a great time in Europe and wish we could have stayed longer. Coming back to China was a bit depressing, but we’ll get back into the swing of things before too long and it will feel like we never left. And we do have over 4000 photos to remind us of our trip!!


6 thoughts on “Rome, part 2

  1. If all your 4000 photos are as good as these you’ll need to create lots of coffee table books. I know you’ve always taken good photos but there is something about the clarity of these photos that is quite stunning. Do you have a new camera, or what? They really are magnificent.

    Glad you enjoyed Europe so much. It’ll be fun for Arlo to look back at these photos in years to come ….. none of them were too embarrassing…lol.

    • True, I could be in Townsville, where we have so much great stuff. But we’ll stick to China for just a little longer for all the great stuff it offers (including not just the ability to get OUT of the country).

  2. No matter where, Tanya, you’re having a beautiful life. You have a beautiful Arlo. We do miss China sometimes. I miss gardens in Suzhou and some chinese special veges. Especially so many beautiful memories with my two kids when they were younger. I can’t stop Priscilla growing up so quickly.She
    changes everyday now: she screams,talks,runs,feed herself… she is so big now. I miss her baby time so much.
    Hope you all good back to home.

    • And we miss you. Priscilla really is growing fast, she looks so much older than 18 months!

      We survived CNY and are getting ready for more cold – snow is on the way this weekend…

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