There have been very few written words on these blog posts lately, and that isn’t about to change any time soon. Suffice to say we’re having a blast and I’ve no time to tell you about it just now. Please be satisfied with a few (ahem) pictures from Paris.

Eiffel TowerSome big metal structure
Atop the Eiffel TowerAtop said structure
NamesakePerhaps ‘Geoffrey’ is ‘Geffroy’ in French…?
FleursFlowers for sale on a corner
Smile!!!Arlo now smiles for a photo with her entire body
The LouvreWe skipped the 400m queue for entry into the Louvre (in the wind and rain) because we had a baby in a stroller. If this is what we can avoid then she shall remain in the stroller until she is 17.
The crowd at the Mona LisaHow many of these people actually looked at the Mona Lisa with their EYES???
Mona Lis, The LouvreWorth the hype?
Venus de Milo, The LouvreVenus de Milo
The LouvreArlo was more interested in kissing walls…
The LouvreAnd running away…
The LouvreAnd exploring parts of exhibits that others don’t ever consider.
The LouvreA quiet gallery
Notre Dame Cathedral, ParisNotre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral, ParisThe roof – not a hunchback in sight
ParisOld buildings
The handbag from ParisArlo showing off the Paris purse Nannie bought her


2 thoughts on “Paris!

    • Hmmm – I’ll think we’ll wait! She’s already wanting to put lip balm on whenever we do. Hope she doesn’t think it’s lipstick. She’s showing distinct ‘girly-girl’ signs – but a car-loving girly-girl who loves to roll on the floor and play in the dirt!

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