OK, so it’s been more than a while since the last post. We’ve been doing a lot – and not a lot at the same time. Gearing up for our big Christmas trip to Europe in just three weeks time, doing all our Christmas shopping on Taobao, as well as shopping for just about anything we need – Taobao, once you get everything set up, is dangerously easy to use and we’re definitely taking advantage of the fact that so much stuff is Made In China.

On the go
Winter got off to a late start, but I’m pretty sure it’s here now. Our tailor made coats have been getting a fair bit of wear and Arlo’s already needs to visit the dry cleaners (food, cashmere/wool and a toddler – what was I thinking???!!). Our apartment (different from where we were last year) is really warm and we turned the heating on for the first time last night. Then turned it off again after a couple of hours because it was too hot. But we’re still wearing our (fake) Ugg boots during the day to keep our toes toasty warm.
We’ve taken a number of trips to Shanghai. A few weeks ago we went in for the day so Geoff could register for the Shanghai Marathon, but he found it was full. Then two days later he got a call to say there had been a cancellation so Arlo and I went in for the day to pay to secure his place in the race. and then we spent this weekend there so Geoff could run the half marathon. He did fabulously – met the goal he set for himself. Arlo did brilliantly as well – walking along The Bund, charming the photographers all around. I did brilliantly as well – I didn’t buy anything (everything I need is on Taobao!).
The leaders
Taking time out to say hi
The Papps
Racing down the corridor of our new favourite hotel – the Astor House Hotel. It’s where all the cool kids stayed – Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, and now us!
Racing down the corridor


2 thoughts on “Marathoning

  1. “Hey, Man, I’m here posing in my snug purple coat and ever-so-cute matching hood and gloves. If you hurry you can have an exclusive photo. You can see that I’m already smiling for you!”

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