Well, Narelle is still in China. She’s tucked away in a little hotel room not far from Pudong International Airport, waiting for Qantas to get their act together and get her home. She’s been there two nights already and is unable to venture far on the remote chance she gets a seat on a flight at short notice. We’re back in Suzhou and I feel terrible – and completely helpless – that she’s there and we’re here: so close and yet so far away.

I didn’t have much of an opinion on the grounding of all Qantas flights, being so far away from Australia and effectively out of the loop of what was happening. Then I read Geoff Lemon’s piece about it and I’m starting to think Alan Joyce is more than a bit of a greedy wanker who won’t be invited to our house for coffee and cake any time soon!

Here’s hoping Narelle gets a flight before she has to march herself to the airport and create a scene from one of those airline TV shows. After all, she’s flying Qantas, not Jetstar/Tiger/SouthWest/insert-name-of-any-other-low-cost-airline-here!!!



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