Another visitor

After J&G left we had two days (for ayi) to get the house in order before Narelle arrived. This week we’ve managed to find a balance between doing lot of touristy things and taking it easy, fitting in the day to day stuff like uni assignments (all finished now – yay!!) and birthday parties. We’ve been to the Old Town a few times – our favourite tailor is almost a tourist attraction in itself, given that it’s one of the first stops for all our guests. Narelle is lucky enough to live somewhere where it gets pretty cold. Not Suzhou cold, but cold enough to need a warm cashmere coat. So we did a quick Google search, printed off a couple of options and … well, it won’t be ready until tomorrow, so I’ll save my raving until then.

Here’s a few pictures of what else we’ve been up to…
iPhone 4S
Geoff was (and is) happy to see Narelle, it wasn’t just the new iPhone 4s that made him beam, honest!!
Fire/light/water show at Jin Ji Hu
The fire/light/water show – another must for all our visitors. This time we stood at a different angle to our usual spot and we were treated to a whole other show we hadn’t seen before. Though, once is still more than enough.
Canal by Pinjiang Lu
We took in Pinjiang Lu – one of the prettier streets in the Old Town, where we stopped and had tea.
In a teahouse
Arlo wearing the gorgeous cashmere dress that Jeanie bought for her. A bit big now, but she’s all ready for winter (once we pick up her tailor made coat).

More of what we’ve been up to coming soon…


One thought on “Another visitor

  1. That light show looks like something to be seen, that’s for sure. ANd what a gorgeous babe you have – her shoes are to die for! And what a stunning dress too. Do they come in adult sizes? 😛

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