Yay! We love having visitors here. We get to show off where we live and become tourists ourselves for a while. Our beautiful friends, Jeanie and Geoffrey (yes that does lead to some confusion) are here for a couple of weeks to see Arlo (and us) before they take off on an Intrepid tour of China – a tour that looks like so much fun I want to tag along.

So far we’ve been to the Old Town twice, the lake once, and we’re off to Moganshan today. More of that when we come back. Here’s a few pictures from the last few days…
Arlo telling J&G about all the places in China worth seeing.
On to the important business of colouring.
A tiny bit of (relative) quiet amongst the crowds at Tiger Hill. It’s National Holiday week so the entire country is on holiday – and seems to want to go wherever we do!
The Chinese don’t much like grass for some reason, so we escaped there too.
Jeanie and Arlo and bonsai
Despite the crowds and the raw sewerage smell (?!) the bonsai garden was spectacular!!
Look, the sky is BLUE!!!
Stinky tofu 1
Jeanie doesn’t share my disgust for stinky tofu. In fact, she really liked it!!!!!
Stinky tofu 2
Stinky tofu 3
Geoffrey took a little more convincing, but he wasn’t revolted either.
Shantang Street
After Tiger Hill we took a canal boat down to Shantang Street.
My favourite lantern shop.

Yesterday we had an easy day down by the lake.
Just me and my ball Yoga
Wheelbarrow Spinning

We’ll spend two nights at the Naked Stables in Moganshan. We leave in two hours. I’d better start packing…!!


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