What we’ve been up to

We’ve been busy, busy, busy. Mostly with the new house, getting repairs done – over and over and over again (love Chinese workmanship!). We ripped out the weeds in the backyard and put turf in.
Old weeds
After (it looks even better after it’s had a chance to settle):
New turf
Geoff’s been cooking up a storm. First it was a steak and mushroom pie (so delicious!!):
Steak & mushroom pie
Then a lemon-lime tart (just as delicious):
Lemon lime tart
I’ve been cooking too! I made smoothies one morning for breakfast!:
And playdough:
Playdough bracelet
The new walker got new shoes:
New shoes
And we brought out the new easel for just a while (she’s a tad short for it right now):
Arlo also got accustomed to her new bike helmet (dad just has to get accustomed to the new bike – his birthday present – before Arlo gets to go for a ride):
Ready for biking
We’ve hung out in the newly grassed backyard a lot:
Looking up
Enjoying the last glorious days of summer:
Backyard play
And today we wandered by the lake:
By the lake 1
By the lake 2
By the lake 3
By the lake 4
By the lake 5
So that, along with heaps of other mundane stuff is why there hasn’t been much going on here. Sorry.


5 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to

  1. If that’s your mundane stuff, then let’s have more of it. Such huggable photos. Oh the joy of being able to go outside – and still be at home!

    I hope there’s some of that scrumptious looking pie left? No, don’t say I’ll have to settle for a smoothie, especially as the colour is a bit suss….lol.

    That is one very photogenic little girl you have there – keep ’em coming, please.

    Glad you’re enjoying normal living, including frustration with tradesmen!

  2. Love arlo’s photo of helmet one.how nice it is your new back yard! Enjoy the autumn there.flying to Barcelona tmr,don’t know if my cilla can cope it.take care.

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