Play morning

Arlo had a play date this morning with a couple of friends at a really cool play centre a few blocks from home (but it’s still summer, so that was a few ‘sweaty’ blocks from home). Anyway.

It took Arlo a while to warm up to the place. Or rather, it took about an hour before she started walking around squealing and babbling with joy at just how fun this place was!
There were slides to go down, tubes to climb through, ladders to climb up, soft rocking horse type things to rock on, ball pits to get stuck in, and the greasy, nasty generators and other heavy machinery was kept well away (well being about a metre back behind nylon mesh, though they were still covered in stray plastic balls).

The trampoline was a surprising hit – for someone who hasn’t been walking for two weeks and still doesn’t know how to jump!
Amy and Arlo. Yes, a bad picture – you try taking a photo of two one year olds on a trampoline and see how focussed it turns out (or if the subject is even in the frame!).
I caught Arlo and Gin deep in conversation.
Of course there is only ONE ball worth having…
Ball pit


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