It’s official

We have a walker!!
And a messy house.
Walking 1
Walking 2
It’s been slowly developing for a week or two now, but we’re at the point where Arlo would rather walk than crawl. Which is not so good when she’s tired and clumsy. But oh, so cute. And at least now she can wear dresses without getting her knees caught up in them.


6 thoughts on “It’s official

  1. At last – a real live, walking (and soon to be talking) little girl – and just too gorgeous for words. Very, very huggable. Very pretty dress too.

  2. She’s SO beautiful! Her hair’s grown so much lately too! Hey – and i could get you a baltic amber teething necklace in early November (probably before – but i know they’ll have good one’s when i go up to Qld), if you still care by then? Part of me is skeptical with Geoff….but if you want one, i’ll get you one and send it on over. Miss you xx

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