A move and a birthday

So, we’ve moved house. I won’t show pictures of the new place yet because it’s still a pigsty, full of half opened boxes and piles of stuff with no home yet. I’m wondering if I leave the mess around long enough our ayi will get sick of it and just find homes for everything (though since she seems happy leaving the mop and bucket in the living room by the back door, I’m not too keen on her choices of places to store things.

Obviously, whenever you move, there are a stack of issues you need to confront. Ours have included (but are definitely not limited to) lights that don’t work, a heavy glass lampshade hanging from the roof that was at the perfect height to connect with the top of Geoff’s head, an air-conditioner that is so noisy I can’t sleep at night, electrical wires with frayed ends (that don’t seem to go anywhere or do anything – not sure if this is a good thing or not…) and a jungle of a garden. We’ve had an electrician in to deal with most of it. I’m not too keen on his solution for many things, but what can you do? It’s China. Two people came and ripped everything out of the garden (thankfully, they left the trees – and a whole heap of builders’ rubble) in preparation for us planting grass, or something else Arlo-friendly.

We handed the keys back to our old place yesterday. We’re kind of sad to see it go – it was a great place – apart from all its faults. One of the great things about this place is the bathtub – though Arlo still had to have a bath in the baby bath inside the big bath because there’s no plug. We have a huge (IKEA) list of other things we need to buy, but perhaps we should finish unpacking first.

Our moving “van”.Our moving van
Moving can be exhausting. Arlo spent about a day in these pyjamas, and a long time in that nappy, because we couldn’t find clothes or spare nappies for a while!Moving is exhausting
There’s fun to be had as each box is emptied!Best use of a cardboard box 2
Best use of a cardboard box 1
We moved Saturday afternoon and that night we had dinner with some friends, so no boxes were unpacked – we did that Sunday. Sunday also happened to be Geoff’s birthday. We took a break in the afternoon to visit the new Sky Bar on the 55th floor of the Fraser Suites (currently – though not for too much longer – the tallest building in Suzhou) to celebrate Geoff’s birthday.

The tower’s twin.
Fraser Suites tower
The view from the top – our old apartment complex is on the right side of that canal, our new complex is on the left.
The view from the top
Dancing while waiting for our drinks.
Dancing in the Sky Lounge
The drinks were pretty ordinary. These were the mojitos we ordered. They were awful.
Not the best mojitos we ever saw
Then Geoff ordered some fancy Belgian beer, which the waitress proceeded to pour from a great height.
How not to pour a beer!
At least the swizzle sticks got some use…
Playing the drums?
Attack of the swizzle sticks!
Afterwards we had Korean BBQ for dinner – one of Geoff’s favourite types of food.
Korean BBQ
Kimchi pancake and potato cakes
Pea soup dessert??
Korean food - yum!!
Korean BBQ for dinner
Now we’re trying to settle back into Suzhou life in the new place. It’s still all chaos right now, but it will be great. I’m sure it will be great…!!


5 thoughts on “A move and a birthday

  1. Did Geoff enjoy his ice cream beer ? Happy Birthday anyway Geoff. Hope you all settle in real soon and keep enjoying your time there love and hugs from sunny Mackay.

  2. OMG! Arlo is SO gorgeous – she’s got so big (i’ve been a bit slack reading your blog for a while!)…hope the new apartment is getting a bit more organized…you know i sympathize with moving! I never want to do it again…till next time! Oh, and i don’t know if you want to bother, but i have a lot of friends who swear by amber necklaces for helping with teething….and i figure, even if it doesn’t work for teething, Arlo will look awesome in an amber necklace! xxx

    • I’ve thought about the teething necklaces. Geoff is skeptical (probably because Dr Karl says they’re crap) and the genuine ones are expensive (especially to get delivered to China). But really, I only ever think about it when we’re in the middle of teething – which is too late to get one (because you can’t get real ones here). Maybe I should look into it now instead of making IKEA shopping lists and doing uni work… Ah, who am I kidding, I’m not doing any uni work!!

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