Walking – of sorts

We’re back into life in China as though we’ve never left. It’s hot here, but not nearly as hot as it was when we first arrived a year ago. Still, Arlo now has a paddling pool that she cools off in at least twice a day (though it’s nothing like the swimming pool in Malaysia), and we even get out every now and then.

Arlo is getting her first molar and if I bragged to anybody that teething for her was a breeze, I’m now eating my words. This tooth was a bastard. Fever, diarrhoea, clingy and in constant pain – she’s been a trooper through it all. The worst was when I’d give her water to drink and as soon as she swallowed she’d grab at her mouth and cry in pain. She’s over the worst of it now – until the next tooth, I expect.

We’re preparing for our move to another apartment just a few hundred metres away (ground floor with a small yard instead of the 17th floor). Arlo is no longer scared of the sound of sticky tape coming off the roll (something I discovered last Christmas) and she’s been a brilliant help (!) with packing boxes – and unpacking them before we’ve had a chance to seal them up.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.
Walker 4
Walker 2
Walker 3
Walker 5
Walker 1
Walker 6
Walker 7


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