Farewell Malaysia

Actually, we farewelled Malaysia around 1:40 am on Tuesday morning. It is now Wednesday morning, we’re back in Suzhou and are both glad and very sad to be back. I guess that’s a sign of a great holiday. We crammed A LOT into our six weeks away and I’m glad we’ve got so many photos (I won’t say just how many) because there are moments and places I’d forgotten we’d actually experienced. Here are a few pictures from our last days in Malaysia.
View from our room
Smiles at dinner
Black sand beach
Langkawi beach
Hat girl
On the beach at Langkawi
Windy day
In the sand

A few more posts to come – I didn’t realise just how many pictures I wanted to put up…


2 thoughts on “Farewell Malaysia

  1. What I notice most when looking back through your photos is how much Arlo has changed in just a few weeks. Before the holiday she still looked very much a baby, but now she has a real little girl look with a new alertness and range of expressions.

    I’m so pleased you had such a good time, and yet are happy to be back in China. Big move coming up? This will be such an exciting year for you with Arlo now being able to experience and respond to all the different activities.

    Continue to enjoy it all – and thrill us with your photos.

  2. Yes, more pics please – they’re beautiful. I know the feeling of being both happy and sad when returning from holiday (just returned myself) – but it is even harder when returning from visiting your old home town etc., (another reason for us to not visit Australia – besides being too expensive in the current climate it is also too hard to return.)

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