International Family Day

Last Sunday was International Family Day at Geoff’s school. It was basically a huge school fete where all the proceeds go to charity rather than the school. I think. Anyway.

The day started out with a parade with everyone (or some of everyone) marching under the banner of the country they were from, much like the opening ceremony of an Olympic Games. So, of course, we were Team Australia. Or Team Vegemite, as out t-shirts would have you believe.

There was fantastic food made by the parents of the kids – and because it’s an international school, the food was from all over the world. We were given a tip from those in the know (those who came to last year’s event) to get in early for the food – so we did, and we were not disappointed. Delicious Thai, Mexican, Finnish, South African food – I wasn’t even hungry but devoured every last bite. There were cake stalls and bread stalls and organic food stalls and coffee stalls (Geoff was happy with that one). And then there were the craft stalls where we bought heaps (though not enough) of stuff to take back home. There was a games room, where you had to throw a ball in the mouth of a teacher, much like one of those clowns at a fair.

And there were raffles with heaps and heaps of prizes. Thanks to the raffle, this weekend we’re off to SuShow which, according to a local website is a “Chinese acrobatics and dance extravaganza with Chinese face changing, a bit of magic and lots of new acrobatic thrills.” And later we’ll be dining at a so-so restaurant, only because we won a dinner voucher there!


5 thoughts on “International Family Day

  1. Sounds like heaps of fun, did you have vegemite & lettuce sandwiches? (Geoff likes them) hope we get to see you when in Oz.

  2. Hi Geoff and Tanya Great photos it looks loike you all had a wonderful day.I can’t beleive Arlo is getting so big. Really looking forward to see you all in OZ soon Love MUM/Lynne/Nannie

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