A post about the weather

A couple of weeks ago summer arrived before we were ready to welcome it. It seemed we had only had a few days of spring before it was above 35 degrees. The spring fought back and we’ve had pleasant weather ever since, but I know it won’t last. So Arlo and I bought a paddling pool while they were still in the shops – I have a feeling they’ll all be sold out by the time we get back from our trip back home.

We had lunch with friends at an Indian restaurant on Sunday, where Arlo crawled around outside and ended up covered in filth. For which I am glad (or just apathetic) – immunity-building and all that. Our solution was to bring her home and put her in the pool to clean off. We didn’t plan to leave her in a puddle of water for over an hour, but she was having a great time so there she stayed.

Bring on summer – er, most of which, we’ll be out of the country…
Pool 1
Pool 2
Pool 3


One thought on “A post about the weather

  1. Don’t worry about bringing the pool to Canberra, dear. Not unless you bring skis or ice-skates too. No, it’s not really THAT bad, but certainly not pool weather.

    That one really is so cute and looks even better with the little mermaid.

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