Yangshuo – rafting the Li River

Ah, rafting. It makes you think of of either an inflatable dinghy on which you try to hold on as you are thrown uncontrolled through a series of rapids – or tranquilly drift down a slow moving river on tree trunks that have been lashed together. Or in the case of the Li River, PVC piping that has been tied together with rope and wire, with a tiny motor that makes a helluva lot of noise. At one point our raft ran out of fuel but the driver (or would he be the skipper?) had spare fuel – in an orange juice bottle, of course. While our boat was silent as we refueled we almost managed to enjoy the peace of the Li River – except for the noisy hum of hundreds of other rafts motoring nearby. The river here is a tourist highway. Still, it was worth it – the scenery was breathtaking, even in the rain.
Before getting on a raft
All of us in trendy (?) lifejackets
Li River highway
Li River
Li River
Rafting on the Li River
Li River
Money shot - the 20RMB note


3 thoughts on “Yangshuo – rafting the Li River

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