This used to be a craft-type blog

Then I got married, had a baby, moved to China, started my Masters degree … and the crafting got forgotten a little in favour of all the other exciting things happening in my life.

But then some friends had a baby so I made them a quilt – when I should have been doing uni work. I already had the blocks leftover from another quilting project (actually, they weren’t left over – the project was never completed), so a lot of the work was already done. The quilting was actually fun – not sure if I would have thought the same if the quilt was any bigger. This was only about 100 cm x 80 cm – perfect new baby size.

The front - quilting detail

The back - soft flannel

Pink for a baby girl

The whole quilt

More Yangshuo posts to come…


5 thoughts on “This used to be a craft-type blog

  1. Baby girl will be an expert noughts & crosses player by the time she grows out of the quilt. Well done …. I really like the colours in the back. Quilting looks like an expert did it …… but of course, she did!!!

  2. i remember when those blocks were made!!! who would have guessed your life would have so many amazing changes would have happened back then? your quilting looks so good! i was just doodling the same quilting pattern today actually and thinking about the last quilt you made with this design. anyway! lots of love to you guys. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo missing you lots.

  3. argh, please excuse sentence above that makes no sense at all. i’m sure you get what i’m on about though

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