Yangshuo – our hotel

There’s nothing like a trip to the wilderness to clear up runny noses and coughs that have lasted for months, and Yangshuo was the perfect escape for us. We spent a fantastic week there, on the recommendation of some other teachers from school. We visited rice terraces, rafted down the Li and Yulong Rivers, saw some cool villages, ate interesting food and met some fabulous people.

The Yangshuo Mountain Retreat was the perfect place to stay. The staff were fantastic, the rooms were brilliant, and view was to die for. I haven’t stayed in a Chinese eco-resort before, and it was refreshing not to see plastic everywhere – they had aluminium water bottles that we filled from the water dispenser in the dining room, they had paper bin liners, they made their own liquid soap and shampoo (I don’t think there was a difference between the two), and most of their furniture was locally made bamboo. We ate almost all our meals there (the food was delicious and not too Chinese-weird), and Arlo loved their rice (now to get the curry stains out of her clothes…), and drank just a few bottles of the local Guilin beer.

The hotel from the river
Yangshuo Mountain Retreat on Yulong River
The view through our bedroom window
View from our hotel room
The view from our room
View from our hotel room
Choosing our breakfast by the Yulong River
Deciding on breakfast
Arlo, contemplating dinner
Sitting on our balcony with the karst landscape reflected in the mirror above us
On our balcony
Chopsticks lessons already
Chopsticks lesson
Discussing life after breakfast one morning
Deep in discussion
Arlo at breakfast
Our last dinner before coming back to Suzhou
Conducting with chopsticks


6 thoughts on “Yangshuo – our hotel

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  2. omg – that black and white pic of Arlo and Geoff is like dejavu!! There is a photo around of YOU looking like Arlo – either on Dad or Grandpa’s knee (sorry Geoff) – but I am sure baldness is in the photo too!!!!


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