Guess who has a tooth!

Finally. After ten and a half months, I was beginning to wonder (though not worrying!!!) if there were really any teeth in there. But there are. Or, there is one at least. I don’t think you can see it in the picture below – where Arlo is laughing hysterically at the ridiculously bumpy and rather unsafe (even by Chinese standards) journey from the Li River to Xingping village.Below is where we were when I discovered the tooth – rafting down the Li River in the rain. To say this place is spectacular is like saying the universe is big. There just are no adequate words.

Eventually Arlo’s going to have to start going to a dentist for regular check ups. However, I don’t think I’ll send her to this one, in the middle of the wet market (live fish, chicken and pig carcasses, toys and vegetables all mixed in together) in Xingping village.More pictures later…


4 thoughts on “Guess who has a tooth!

  1. Congratulations, Arlo. We’re looking forward to lots more toothy grins. Remember to be kind to your mother now that you have teeth – if not, you may find that your diet changes rather quickly.

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