Tongli – take 2

So called because we’ve been to Tongli before – in our first week in China when it was crazy hot and humid and we didn’t really appreciate Tongli completely – but vowed we would come back when we had visitors because it was such a quaint (though very touristy) village close to Suzhou. This time, the weather was absolutely perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, and not too touristy (though that’s not weather…). We hired a car (with driver) to take us there and back. It was a joy to be in a big car with leg room and seatbelts (heh – the things you appreciate when you haven’t experienced them for a while). According to a Chinglish billboard just outside of the town:

“Tongli is an ancient town with a long history and the typical style of water town, and was built over a thousand years ago according to legend. She is celebrated for the small bridge, flowing water, household, the small eastern Venice. She has been successively conferred on one of the 13 Scenes of Taihu National Scenic Spot, State AAAA-level Tourism Scenic, National Hygeian Town, one of the Ten Historical & Cultural Towns in China, one of the Ten Famous Attractive Towns in China, one of the Ten Film Bases in China, and received the Award of Living Environment Model in China. Tongli Garden of Seclusion and Meditations was listed in the World Cultural Heritage and the first batch of 20 National Key Parks.”

Now the pictures…
Tongli 2
Tongli 3
Tongli 4
Tongli 5
Tongli 6
Tongli 7
Tongli 8
Tongli 10
Tongli 11
Tongli 14
Tongli 15
Tongli 16
Tongli 17
Tongli 18
Tongli 19
Tongli 20
Tongli 21
Tongli 22


One thought on “Tongli – take 2

  1. Dear Tanya,

    Tongli is so beautiful in your camera. They made us miss Suzhou life little bit. We’ve been settling in and moving into
    our new house in Castle Hill after Easter. Hopefully after that Abraham will enter the school. Now there are many
    events going on as the Easter is coming. Abe has lots of fun with his old friends. We are happy to be back.Weather is beautiful too.

    Hope you and Geoff and Arlo have a wonderful Easter in
    an eastern way. Priscilla misses Arlo…Take care.

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