Tiger Hill

We go for weeks here with not much going on (except uni work, Chinese lessons, a trip to Vietnam to become an Apple Distinguished Educator – for Geoff, and general living of life) and then heaps happens – like visitors. Geoff’s sister is here with her family for a couple of weeks and in between their trips to Shanghai and Beijing, we’re showing them the usual sights – the sound/light/fire/water show on the lake, a trip to the tailor in the Old Town, dining at all our favourite restaurants, and then we’ve been taking them to places around Suzhou we’ve never seen before yet. Like Tiger Hill. The weather was great, the crowds not too bad so it was the perfect time to go. We caught a taxi to Tiger Hill, then a boat to the Old Town before heading back to Auchan (for Teppanyaki lunch/dinner).

Tiger Hill was the place where the King of “Wu” (a small state in the Spring and Autumn Periods nearly 2500 years ago), Fu Chai, buried his father-King He Lu along with 3,000 swords. Legend says that on the third day after the burial, a white tiger appeared to guard the tomb, hence the name of the hill.

The pagoda on top of Tiger Hill leans over 3 degrees to the north east. The real name is Yunyansi Pagoda and it was built in the Song Dynasty (961 A.D.). It is a brick pagoda with seven floors and eight sides and is 47.7 metres tall. It weighs over 6000 tonnes and is  a symbol of ancient Suzhou.

OK, enough ramble: pictures…
Tanya and Arlo at Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill umbrellas
Tiger Hill - toffee maker
Tiger Hill lavendar
Tiger Hill's leaning pagodaLeaning pagoda at Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill's leaning pagoda
Tiger Hill tulips
Arlo, Tanya, Geoff
Eva, Sarah, Angie
Arlo's fans
Horse and carriage
Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill tulips
More later…


3 thoughts on “Tiger Hill

  1. Fabulous snaps again – lovely ones of the cousins together! OMG – I would have taught Arlo the rude finger so that all those tourists would leave her alone!! But I am rude that way!!

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