Sunday morning

While Arlo and Geoff slept in, and then played (Arlo’s latest game is to crawl to the edge of the bed, trusting that one of us will grab her legs before she goes head first onto the floor – actually, I don’t think she even wants us to grab her, she just had no idea of the consequences if we don’t. Needless to say, Geoff and I aren’t all that impressed with this game), I baked.

Sunday morning sleep in

Almost unstoppable

Oatmeal cranberry cookies

I don’t know why I don’t bake more often. Usually the extent of my cooking interest lies in flicking through one of Geoff’s Delicious magazines, pausing at a picture thinking, “mmm, that looks nice” then turning the page. But really, it’s not rocket science (sorry cooks) and the cookies taste scrumptious, baking fills the house with yummy smells, and it’s the perfect distraction when I’m supposed to be putting 10, 000 words on paper to be assessed next month. At least now I’ll have something to nibble on while I’m writing those words.


4 thoughts on “Sunday morning

  1. Yum. We made oodles of ‘vanishing oatmeal raisin’ cookies, but we substitute raisins for choc chips, ha ha!! Made some yesterday, in fact. Miss you – been going to the gym here since we arrived, but it’s not the same without you!…you haven’t sent me you trip details yet! Hop to it!

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