The Lion’s Grove Garden

It’s spring time which, in Suzhou, means blossom time. Since the flowers are only on the trees for a few weeks, we decided to go to one of Suzhou’s gardens to see them.Below – some springtime prettiness (amongst other things):
Blossoms 1
Lion's Grove Garden 3
Blossoms 2
Lion's Grove Garden 2
Lion's Grove Garden 1
Blossoms 3
Blue sky
Blossoms 4
Geoff & Tanya
Sign 1
Sign 2


3 thoughts on “The Lion’s Grove Garden

  1. spring is pretty exciting huh? i don’t think i’ve ever properly appreciated it before. arlo looks beautiful- her eye-lashes are soo long! hope you guys are going well. lots of love xox

  2. I don’t understand the signs in Chinese OR in English. Do they employ translators to translate the translations?

    Like the comment above, we don’t really appreciate Spring in the way that people who live in snowbound countries do. Even a glimpse of colour by way of blossoms must be uplifting.

    I’m curious as to who takes all the photos of you and Geoff? Do you travel with a photographer?….lol, or perhaps Arlo is learning new skills? But since she is in many photos with you …….. it must be that Purple Giraffe doing the honours.

  3. Hooray – looks like winter is finally over! Hopefully the blossom see’s and end to all your winter ills. Lovely to chat yesterday, even though skype is crap! Remember to email me your travel plans! xxx

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