Weekend in Shanghai

Today I turn another year older. To celebrate, we headed to Shanghai on the weekend for two days of food and fun. We took in a bit of culture in the form of the Chanel exhibition, and discovered some cool places not far from our hotel. We evidently left the sewing/haberdashery area (where our hotel is) and found ourselves in music street – any kind of instrument you could ask for all on one street – before reaching the children’s market. Arlo picked up a few choice pieces, which was only fitting since Geoff and I bought stuff for ourselves at The Gap the day before and Arlo got nothing.

Unintentionally however, our weekend revolved around food. First there were the steamed dumplings from the old town that we always get. Then there was Balinese food from Taikang Lu (we’ll certainly be back there again and Geoff says he’s even going to order the same dish), then there were fried dumplings from the little shop near Peoples Square, then macaroons from some place (not as good as the ones we had in Hong Kong, but a macaroon is a macaroon…), coffee at a Versace cafe, and then dinner on Saturday night. At the Park Hyatt. On the 91st floor of the tallest building in Shanghai. Mmmmm – I have no words. So here are a few pictures from the weekend.
Balinese at Taikang Lu
People's Square
Stretching in People's Square
Eating fried dumplings in People's SquareArlo with Jinmao Tower below her
The view from the Park Hyatt
Dinner at the Park Hyatt


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