Cruising the Yangtze, part 6

Here are parts one, two, three, four and five.

OK, I’m finally getting to the last day of the cruise. We actually got to our destination, Chongqing, the evening before the last day. However, we didn’t actually get off the boat until the next morning. This meant we were treated to Chongqing fireworks (it was still Spring Festival, so fireworks were still going on at any time of the day or night) throughout the night.
Chongqing at nightFireworks in ChongqingWe spent our last evening with our new friends, Esther and Pascal, and we’re already keeping in touch with them as they travel through Asia on their way back to Switzerland.
Esther, Arlo and PascalWhen we finally left on the last day, we were picked up by our guide. As with the day we arrived, all we had asked for was a driver, but since we had time to kill, we let the guide show us the sights of Chongqing. We saw the city and the people’s square and went up the Futuguan Hill to Chongqing Eling Park, the highest place on Yuzhong Peninsula (yes, I took a photo of a sign all about the park).
ChongqingChongqingChongqingAfter a wander around the sights (and running into all the Swiss folk again), we were taken to the airport for our flight back to Shanghai. In hindsight, we should have looked at a map to see exactly where we were because this would have been the perfect time to combine the cruise with a trip to Chengdu (a fairly short train journey away) to see pandas in an environment as close to the wild as we’re likely to get. But we’ll just have to do that one another time.


3 thoughts on “Cruising the Yangtze, part 6

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  2. HI Tanya Happy Birthday Hope you had a good day and I imagine you had a wonderful weekend in Shanghai. Love Lynne

  3. Happy Birthday Tanya (not sure if you got my text) hope you have had a great day/weekend. It looks so exciting all those places visited. Love & hugs to you all

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