Arlo has what is probably her fourth cold of the winter. When she started to wheeze and get so congested that she couldn’t breastfeed and breathe at the same time, I figured it was time to visit the doctor. He quickly diagnosed a “moderately nasty” case of RSV. RSV is a really common virus, often it’s indistinguishable from a regular cold. Most kids have caught it by the time they’re three years old. It can be dangerous in already sick or premature babies. The doc said that if she was younger (less than three months) he’d have recommended hospitalisation so that she could get frequent saline breathing treatments, but as it doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much (though she does seem to get exhausted with all the wheezing), he recommended a few breathing treatments at the clinic. She seemed to be more relaxed after each treatment (even fell asleep a couple of times during treatment) and really perked up about an hour later, smiling and playing happily. However, the wheeze always comes back, so we’ve had four treatments so far. The doc is happy with how she’s doing now and said to come back to reassess in three days, or before then if the wheezing gets really bad. She sounds a lot better now so hopefully this was the last cold of the winter. The weather is warming up and we (I) can’t wait to get out of the house and visit the lake, Shanghai, or anywhere but the inside of our apartment.

Before her first breathing treatment

Treatment day 1

Treatment day 2 (and yes, Tanya is in desperate need of a haircut!!)



Looking way too old!!


9 thoughts on “RSV

  1. Poor little princess getting so sick, I hope that she is feeling much better soon, she still has that gorgeous smile though. I know how you feel about the haircut I am also in desperate need, having the works done next Sat in time for the wedding.

  2. It’s sad to see her looking so poorly but the smile is a great pick-me-up. Arlo’s hair is growing as fast as yours, Tanya.

    Lets hope some sunny Spring weather is not far away. It will lift your spirits even if the temperature isn’t that high.

  3. Ohhh. Poor Arlo. Hope you get better soon little girl. Both your cousins empathise with you, being winter babies. It’s absolutely no fun being a sick bubba, and I bet Mummy and Daddy are pretty worn out too!
    Sending you lots of cuddles and get better wishes.

    • Hi Jill. Hubby is a middle school teacher at an international school not far outside of Shanghai. We talked about moving overseas about 18 months ago and he joined a recruitment agency for teachers in international schools and he got offered jobs in many parts of Asia, with the China job being the best one. We’re here for at least two years (have already done 6 months) with the possibility of extending the contract here, moving somewhere else in the world, or going back home – none of which we’ve decided as yet.

  4. Thanks everyone. Arlo seems a lot better now – wheezing all gone but the last of the cold is still there. We’re going to the doc today to follow up on the treatments from last week. I’ll be happy to see the last of the snottiness, though!!

  5. Hi Tanya You look worse then Arlo.It is always harder for the mother then the child when they are sick.Good that she is improving. Yes I can imagine just how much you want to get out of the flat. Still very wet here and looks like it will be like this for the next few days. Summer is officially over but not the cyclone season. Looking forward to cooler weather just as you must be looking forward to warmer weather. Arlo is changing all the time and she does look bigger everytime i see a photo. Give her a kiss from Nannie Love Lynne

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