Cruising the Yangtze, part 5

Here are parts one, two, three and four.

Our boat, tied up next to the other boat that did the same run (and the boat that we had thought was ours back in Yichang).Victoria cruises
Crops growing on the terraced hillside.
Along the riverAlong the river, that watermark is so obvious.
Along the river
The things we sometimes have to do to get Arlo’s attention in the direction of the camera.
"Look here..."The view behind us.
Yangtze River
Every time we were docked for the night, people would cruise up in sampans selling citrus fruit, mostly oranges, to the cruise ship staff.
Selling oranges
We went to a ghost city on the top of a hill at Fengdu. There was once a chairlift to take people to the top, but the rising river waters reached too close to the bottom control station, so the chairlift had been out of action for many years.
Chairlift at Fengdu
We took a golf buggy to near the top, then walked the rest of the way through the ghost city. We saw temples and a birdcage (I think) and a pagoda and great views and interesting statues:
BirdcageGhost cityStatue at Fengdu
Statue at FengduStatue at FengduStatue at FengduStatue at FengduStatue at FengduYes, some of them may need a bit of an explanation but I am unable to offer one.

At the end of our visit there we had to wait for the golf buggies to return to pick us up. People came over to us to look at Arlo, touch her, and tell us that she wasn’t warm enough (gah!). Soon there was about thirty people gathered around us. Someone asked her name and when we said Arlo, there was an immediate chorus of, “Arlo, Arlo, ARLO,” with everyone wanting her to look their way. Esther was holding her and while I stood back a bit, Geoff was actually pushed out of the way so people could get closer to his child. This was the most intense (to put it mildly) the attention to Arlo has ever been and it was too much for all of us. Soon a golf buggy showed up so we grabbed Arlo, pushed through the crowd and jumped in so we could escape everyone. When we got back to the boat we escaped to our suite where Arlo and I had a bath and a nap and enjoyed our last full day on the boat in comparative quiet!

Next up (yes, still more to come), Chongqing (last Yangtze post).


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