The rabbit chased the tiger…

…and the event was celebrated with much light and noise. Yes, the year of the tiger has gone and we are now in the year of the rabbit. We celebrated Chinese New Year with some friends in the building next to us. We didn’t want to venture too far from home, given the propensity for locals to let fireworks off at any place and any time without warning. Arlo played with her friend Priscilla while Geoff and Adam made dumplings.

Dinner was delicious – as well as the fabulous dumplings, we had salads, fish (including calamari and jellyfish), and vegies – all home-cooked Chinese fare, shared with friends. What better way to bring in the new year?

We went home before midnight, both to get Arlo in to bed and escape the fireworks onslaught. And it was just as well, because this was the scene from our apartment at midnight:

That was just a snippet (obviously). The fireworks were everywhere, near and far. So near, in fact, they were hitting our window – being on the 17th floor meant they were exploding right outside our bedroom. It went on for a few hours, dying down a bit in the early hours of the morning before starting up again with daylight. Apparently it’s good luck to let firecrackers off at your front door – something about prosperity for the year ahead. All I know is that it was freaking noisy. But awesome and fun. I really am glad we stayed in China for Chinese New Year!

Spring festival ends next week, so we’ve got several days of fireworks to go yet.

Edited to add: for even bigger fireworks insanity, go here to see fireworks from Stephan’s balcony in Shanghai. I don’t know him, but the video is awesome!!


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