Harbin, part 2

The snow fell in Suzhou all day yesterday as well as Wednesday, so Geoff had two snow days. We had a fantastic time playing in the snow, along with so many other people. I love how snow brings out the kid in us, and the locals seemed to be loving it as much as the foreigners.

Today the skies cleared and the snow started to melt. The beautiful whiteness is now replaced by black dirty, icy snow; the kind you just want to hurry up and go away. So it’s back to the Harbin pictures.

Our second (and last) morning in Harbin, we strolled along a walking street near our hotel. Every hundred metres or so, an ice sculpture loomed large. Not necessarily impressive in its construction, but grand in scale. A few snaps below.
Snow on the branches
Dancing to keep warm
Harbin street scene
Winnie the Pooh and friends
More to come in Part 3 (the final Harbin installment – for this year…!!).

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